Mother’s Day Spending Is Down, and We don’t Really Care

May 11, 2008 – 10:47 am

I was watching TV last night and heard some business analyst talk about how the increased prices in food and gas are forcing people to spend less on Mom this Mother’s Day. How sad, the female anchor replied. I was just thinking “Who Cares?”. As a Mom, Mother’s Day was never about the monetary value of of any present I’ve received, but about how it showed their love and appreciation for what I do throughout the year.

My favorite mother’s day presents are the homemade cards, a special picture drawn by a 4 year old and of course the macaroni jewelery box that sits on my dresser and the little flower garden in a baby food jar that’s right here at my desk. The kids spent a lot of time on all of these presents and were excited and proud to present them to me on Mother’s Day… that’s what it’s about… (that and of course lots of hugs and kisses), not some expensive piece of jewelery, $60 worth of flowers that will be gone in a week, or a fancy dinner.

I think we have gotten to a point where we turn to expensive gifts to express our love, because we don’t have time anymore (or better think we don’t have time) to show our appreciation through little gestures throughout the year and don’t have time to work on a homemade gift that actually has some meaning. To drown that guilt, we turn to expensive but otherwise meaningless gifts. Maybe the fact that we don’t have as much cash to do that this year is a good thing…

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  2. You made a stabbing point here. I agree, we should teach ourselves and our children the value of expressing our love in more meaningful ways, other than with expensive gifts.

    I think your site is great! Its filled with very practical savings tips that are easy to implement.

    Keep them coming!

    By Archit on Aug 2, 2008

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