Simple Pleasures At The Movie Theater

July 22, 2009 – 7:54 am

Families are facing increasing challenges every day, trying to stay afloat with resources that are getting more and more limited.  With job losses and concern over basic health needs, families are stressed beyond belief.

With those bleak thoughts, what can a family do to have a few laughs?  My family happens to love the movies.  Now, you’re saying “but a trip to the theater costs a fortune” and you would be right, sometimes.  There are ways that we cut that cost when we make our minds up to do so.  Here’s just a few things we do to stay within our entertainment budget and still enjoy a movie at a theater.

Split Up – If your children are old enough, this is a good way to include the entire family for a movie out.  Rather than pay for everyone to sit in the same movie, when some members of the family are lukewarm about what’s showing, split up and go your separate ways.  Then everyone is happy with their experience and you’re not wasting money on a ticket for a movie that someone didn’t care to see.

Snack Before Or After Movie – Don’t buy from the concession stand.  You know how expensive that soda, popcorn, and candy is!  If your kids want to see a movie, insist that there’ll be no begging at the concession stand.  Instead, agree to pop a whole big bowl of popcorn at home and wash it down with buckets of Kool-aid.  Inexpensive and great fun.  You can share your thoughts of the movie while you share your popcorn.

Go To Matinees – Take advantage of the lower cost of attending a movie matinee.  Many theaters also offer special family nights.  There are still, believe it or not, theaters that have “Dollar” nights.  Check some of the smaller theaters as they are often more inventive trying to get people through their doors than the larger chain theaters are.

Community Movie Nights – I’ve seen an increase in this incredible idea across this country.  These movie events are held outside in a city park or even a church parking lot.  You just bring your lawn chair, your snacks, and your family, and sit down to enjoy a movie playing on a makeshift movie screen, perhaps on the the side of a building.  Check your local community or communities around you for events like this.  They are very fun and often have a full day of activities going on before night falls and they start the movie rolling.  You won’t get the newly released movies, certainly, but you will have the whole big screen movie experience to enjoy together.

If you like the whole movie experience, like we do, there are still some options that will allow a cash-strapped family to enjoy a movie out.  These are just a few suggestions – things we’ve done so we can still enjoy one of our favorite past-times.  And, that is so important when the money is tight and our troubles are about to overwhelm us.  Take a break and enjoy a few laughs at the movies!

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