Use Your Networking Talents To Find Employment

August 3, 2009 – 7:37 am

Many folks are finding their family budget just won’t stretch far enough any more.  Additional income may be the only answer at this point.  Luckily, Moms like you have finely tuned networking skills learned from years of arranging family activities.  If you find yourself searching for employment, you will want to call upon all your networking skills to help you along the way.  Internet job searches are not going to reap the best rewards for someone like you.  You have honed your networking skills for years and can now put those talents to work for you.

Before you set out looking for employment, there are a few networking concepts that will help you maintain your professionalism and, hopefully, land you a job that is perfectly suited for your expertise and talents.  Here are just a few suggestions about what to watch for as you network.

Have Your Resume Ready – Be sure your resume is updated, and keep copies with you all the time.  You never know when you might run into someone you know or who has been recommended to you as a new contact.  A professional business card is also a helpful tool for those quick introductions.

Talk To People You Know First – Give the people you know an opportunity to help you.  Practice your introduction with those you trust, and ask their advice.  Ask your friends and family to be honest with you and to tell you if they would hire you given the sales pitch you just made.

Contact Your New Network Of Colleagues – Your friends and family will give you names of people who you don’t know.  Time to square your shoulders and give them a call.  Let your new contacts know right away who recommended you talk to them; it gives you common ground immediately so you both can feel comfortable.  Be sure to spend most of your conversation asking about them and not talking about yourself and your job search.  Build rapport first so you will be welcome back for further discussions, and eventually a job.

Give Something Back To Your New Contact – Be prepared to reciprocate with information regarding people or services that your new contact may find useful.  Have something of value to offer, even a service of your own, that you are willing to share… no strings attached.  Your credibility and goodwill needs to well established.

Be Trustworthy And Reliable – If you tell your new contact that you will be in touch with them, be sure you follow through.  Call your contact when asked, and keep trying them if they are difficult to reach.  It is your word at stake here.  Do what you say you will do.

If you’ve been searching for work for some time now, using the internet, checking the classifieds, or even reading the bulletin boards, you may be going at it all wrong.  Your talents as a parent reach way beyond waiting for someone to post a job opening.  You are an expert at networking already… now all you have to do is put those talents to work out there in the job market.

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